May 6, 2021Day without a logic puzzle? Maybe someday, but not today: Bone Dragon (40 x 32, Medium), 75 parts.
May 3, 2021All nonograms solved already? Try fresh new one: Journey to the Moon (50 x 30, Easy), 10 parts.
Apr 29, 2021Today is a good day to release new nonogram: Aristocrats (40 x 32, Medium), 28 parts.
Apr 26, 2021Added new nonogram: Goose (35 x 35, Medium), 8 parts, 2 colors.
Apr 22, 2021The time for new nonogram is now. Check it out: Knight on horse (40 x 30, Hard), 63 parts.
Apr 19, 2021Are you looking for a good brain teaser? Try this nonogram: Toad (40 x 28, Medium), 15 parts.
Apr 17, 2021Today we released nonogram Gun (50 x 30, Easy). It has only 1 part and it is very easy.
Apr 15, 2021Breaking news!
New nonogram released: Camel (40 x 31, Hard), 47 parts.
Apr 12, 2021All nonograms solved already? Try fresh new one: Face sketch (50 x 30, Easy), 10 parts.

Nonogram of the week

Journey to the Moon (10 parts, 2 colors) Easy
Bonus Points +10% until the end of this week

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Sample Nonograms - Enthuisiastic Dancer, Mustache and Top Hat, Man with Bowler Hat.